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Emotions From Inside Out | Emotions And Mental Health

Updated: Jul 14

Emotions From Inside Out | Emotions And Mental Health

Emotions And Mental Health Review From Inside Out Movie

Inside Out

When did inside out come out?

The movie came out on May 18, 2015, at the 68th Cannes Film Festival, in an out-of-competition screening. In the United States, it premiered on June 8, 2015.

Inside Out Characters

Joy | Sad | Fear | Disgust | Anger

Movie About Emotions

Emotions are important to mental health, this is how the movie convey its message to the audience. The essence of balancing emotions signify how we act and react as a human being. Now, too much exposure of one of these can be a management issue. In reality we have uncontrollable emotions issues like anger management, on the other hand some can be too sensitive, introvert and sometimes at lowest point. We develop this emotions at early age, and this is the crucial state of time to watch over our emotion because too much can be menace.

Schools and learning institution are witness to cultivating behavior, not only that, it is also the platform to grow and establish emotions. But the most essential part of you life to grow healthy emotions is through your family. Good memories are built at home from the first time you open your eyes until you finally settle down and have your own family, that is why there is no place like home, as we say it. The movie showed us the value of emotions towards the fundamental of families solidarity. Now let’s discuss the main emotions portrayed in the movie and determine each of them of how it plays a significant role to our life and mental health.

In and Out Movie


Emotions From Inside Out | Emotions And Mental Health

The first emotion introduce was emotion Joy, this was the first memory the protagonist conceived. You see, joy shows vital character in the story and even in reality. Well, most of us are crying when we first delivered to life so probably disgust was actually in the gateway. Kidding aside, joy are good memories and mostly we need this to put some colors on our lives.

There are many ways to display joy, anything that put a smile on our cheek are joy, it helps a lot when socializing, not only that it has a positive impact to good mental health, but also we need joy to portray kindness. We saw emotion Joy exert her effort to make the protagonist grasp happiness and prevent Riley to lose everything that integrates healthy life, family, friendship and other aspect in our existence.

Within movie

We also witness emotion joy adopt other emotions which basically i think the main core of the protagonist’s desire, and finally letting the opposite emotion reckon Riley’s sad memories to accredit the value of family. This is how beautifully describe emotion joy in the movie, which i think an appropriate approach in dealing with our own emotions in reality.

There are a lot of lessons that we learned from this character including her tenacity to strive on making Riley become an optimistic person, other than enjoying life as a teenager. I normally sees teens in Riley’s position nowadays, this is where mental health stands in the middle, this is the best time more than ever to rely on family, this developing stage are susceptible to mental health abused and compromised.

So we need to practice more with the character of joy while being family oriented at the same time.

Sadness From Inside Out


Emotions From Inside Out | Emotions And Mental Health

Sadness is important to mental health. Why is that? Realization. Sadness are beacons to realize everything around you, to realize what matters you the most. We normally constitute sadness when we face failures, disappointment and demotion.

When someone is sad we intangibly feel that in a way that an individual embrace with silence, or an action of cry, this is how we distinguish a person with agony. Although sadness doesn’t comes frequently especially with cheerful type of a person, it has a heavy impact to our emotions sometimes depending on the weight of circumstances.

You can experience sadness in a lighter approach, but there are situation where it involves long term sorrow like death in the family, relatives or someone close to you, and no matter how we encounter and combat with sadness it is crucial to avoid suppressing it, for it might cause an unending burden at the back of your mind.

Within movie

In the movie emotion Joy figure out sadness is valuable to Riley's good memories, that in order for Riley to realize how important she is to her family is for sadness to reckon her memories. Realization stabilize the use of other emotions then become more broad in understanding, and this is unleashed in such a way that sadness releases good memories to evaluate worth and values for all things that happen in the past. The main protagonist remember how her parents did everything for her, that she was blinded with unbalanced emotion and what’s she believe is right.

Sometimes we get to a point that we let our other emotions to trouble our personality, for example anger, however this is not actually our nature. Our nature is to become balance with emotions that we feel, we don’t let it consume us. If we are sad, find a way to bring joy, if we are angry find a way to have peace, this is how we balance our emotions to reflect a better personality.

Fear Character Inside Out


Emotions From Inside Out | Emotions And Mental Health

Fear is a natural reactions whenever we felt afraid for a person, animals, ghost or other things the scares you. We exhibit fear to indicate that we are uncomfortable to what our eyes are seeing, we also fear on what we think, for example you might be afraid that a specific circumstances could possibly come to happen in the future, that’s why when we think of it randomly we feel discomfort and afraid. Now, too much fear can cause traumatic experience and this is what we needed to avoid, other bad experience can also incorporate fear like abuse, bullying and in some cases unforeseen incidents.

This is the main reason why other people attempt to overcome their fear in such a way that they will directly face it courageously and then eventually felt relief. Whatever it is that fears you, don’t let it consume you, sometimes people are afraid of something that they don’t know, so understanding it and learning to overcome what scares you will pull you out from the room that forbids you to be free. It doesn’t take to be brave, you just have to face it with broad mind.

Within movie

Within the movie we don’t really see much of the character fear emotion, although i noticed it in the movie that fear looked anger as a higher domain. What i mean is, sometimes when we feel fear we refuse to become anger or brave, so looking towards emotion fear’s disposition, i felt like fear somehow wanted to grasp a little amount of anger to indirectly overcome fear. Now let’s put it the other way, when we feel anger we don’t recognize fear a little because we are raging, but at the time that we feel a little fear in what will happen next, that somehow calm us down. Right? So i think that these two has interconnection of balance emotion, more like i said a higher domain and a subdomain. Would you agree? Comment down below.


Emotions From Inside Out | Emotions And Mental Health

Another behavior that i think for me is controllable. Disgust can be manage in any situation i believe depending of how patiently strong you are you can always diminish disgust. This can be incorporate with hatred but in a lighter way because it can be eased out at later time. When you are disgusted it would affect your mood, and the swing of it can turn into anger, so you need to be careful with how you deal with you mood specifically the feeling of disgust. Most of the people with mental health problems has incompetency in handling disgust because we are more likely irritated and grumpy, this is how i started my symptoms of depression.

I became irrational in some other cases I'm avoiding acquaintance and accompanies little did i know that i was acquiring mental health illness. Disgust can be minimize with full composure of patience, trust and understanding.

Within movie

In the movie the character for disgust emotion illustrates as caution. You can see in the movie that emotion disgust is always conscious on what the protagonist put on her body for it may poison her and anything that finds gross activate the emotion for disgust. We also didn't see more of this character but this is my approach towards this character. Disgust can also play as anger’s subdomain mainly because the aftermath of disgust can turn into an unresolved comfort with the feeling of disgust become more robust it can lead to annoyance and finally became an anger.

Like i said handling it properly, carefully and with good manner can abstain you into getting the higher domain for disgust which is anger, we don’t want that to happen for it will affect our personal stand point. Good selection of character by the way, I'd like to commend Pixar for that.


Emotions From Inside Out | Emotions And Mental Health

The finale character introduced. Anger can influenced other emotions because of what i believe this is a higher domain but not the main one, happiness and kindness is still the prime domain. Always be careful with too much emotions that triggers hate like grumpiness, irritable, disgust for it might imbalance the entire feeling and transform into raging anger. We can’t decide accordingly when we are anger nor when we are emotional, it might not be taken back if we hurt someone already. Put your temper at low and manage the feeling of anger, no matter how it damage our dignity it’s not worth to compensate the hate the you will gave.

Kindness is still the best way to respond with irrational anger in any kind of situation this will always work. Most anger behavior are regretful something that are driven with selfish desire and inappropriate authority, so be careful with your actions, small misconceptions leads to a penitent consequences.

Within movie

I think anger should have been expose in the movie for a longer time. One of the demonstration of anger in the movie is with the dinner scene where the protagonist seem to be out of the mood, then suddenly her father asked some questions to her. Riley started to become annoyed with her parents and in the most unexpected circumstances Riley nagged and stamped her hands on the table, subconsciously the anger emotions in between Riley and her father is having a feud with fear being the accomplice, this is what i mean about fear as subdomain. The protagonist felt a little scare and disgust of her father, but then she let anger transition in a whim, this shows the hierarchy between the three, anger, fear, disgust and anger being on top.

You see how important handling other emotions to avoid administration of anger, in that scene it could have been settled solemnly with balancing all the emotions. I wished i could have seen more about anger with this notion of character where anger plays the higher domain, although the movie is great, it scoped the reality of what’s happening in our family and elaborate the essence of relationship inside and outside the house.

Building Good Memories

Core Memory Inside Out

Good memories are the only things that emotion joy relies to keep the protagonist happy. We saw emotion joy took care of the good core memories and did everything to save her life from lowliness. When we build memories with ourselves and the people around us, it served as an instrument to drive longings and fight sadness, building good memories are a core substance of life. This is where we look up into when we miss someone and with good memories, it draw a smile on our faces. Let’s keep on making good memories and bring it to life wherever we are.

Joy and Sadness

At the end of the story emotion joy realize that emotion sad is important to Riley’s life and this goes the same way in reality, sometimes we need sadness to make up everything. When we feel sad we get to realize rationality, but this isn’t the way it should be, even if we don’t feel sad we should know how to balance the things that comes on our way, it will prepare us to become a better person and exposit positive mental health.

And if you reach this part of this article i’d like to send my appreciation for your time and effort, and if you like to read more about mental health awareness, motivational articles, informative insights as well as poetry for mental health make sure to subscribe on our newsletter. Thank you and stay safe.

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